Baily / Bailey Lighthouse, Howth, Co. Dublin
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A coal burning beacon was established at Howth Head in 1667 by Sir Robert Reading. Charles II granted him letters patent to build 6 lighthouses around the coast of Ireland. The first lighthouse consisted of a small cottage (unique type in Ireland) with battered walls (part of it still remains), with a coal-burning beacon on top of a square tower. The first proper tower was built here in 1790 by Thomas Rogers, Lighthouse Contractor and Inspector to the Revenue Commissioners. It was placed high up on a hill from the current structure. A set of 6 Argand oil lamps was installed, each including a silvered copper parabolic and a bulls-eye glass pane. Because the lighthouse was often shrouded in clouds, it was replaced by the current tower, lower down on the headland at the Little Baily. Ceremonies in March of 1997, attended by the public and lighthouse officials at the Baily Lighthouse at Howth Head officially ended the era of manned stations around and along the Irish coast. Baily was the last Irish lighthouse to go automatic. The optic which was in use from 1902 to 1972 is now on display in the National Maritime Museum of Ireland.

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